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Dark liquidity/ Dark pools (wikipedia)

October 9 2015 Nasdaq's SMARTS launches trade surveillance monitoring for dark pools

October 2 2015 SEC Commissioner calls for shining light on 'dark pools'

September 29 2015 European Dark Pools Brace for Continent-Wide Limits on Trading

September 14 2015 Credit Suisse Said Nearing $80 Million Dark Pool Settlement

May 15 2015, WSJ: Hong Kong to Ban Individual Investors from ‘Dark Pool’ Trading

January 23 2015, Independent: Dark pools: What's going on inside the secret stock exchanges?

January 22 2015, IBT: HFT and Flashboys controversy: Why the new Luminex dark pool faces major challenges

January 20 2015, Bloomberg: Fidelity-BlackRock Group Unveils Dark Pool for Stock Trades

May 2 2014, CNBC: Michale Bloomberg: System isn't 'rigged'—Bloomberg defends HFT

April 7 2014, Reuters: Dark markets may be more harmful than high-frequency trading

October 17 2012 What The Heck Is A Dark Pool And Why Are People Trading In Them?