High Frequency Trading

Below a series of links on high frequency trading that did not fall into other cathegories

2015 SSRN paper (pdf): Regulating Merchants of Liquidity: Market Making from Crowded Floors to High-Frequency Trading

2015 Huffington: Hillary Clinton and High-Frequency Trading

2015 WSJ: Nasdaq Tackles High-Speed Trading in Treasurys

2015 Bank of England: Interactions among high-frequency traders

2015 WSJ: Virtu IPO Tests Perceptions of High-Speed Trading

2015 IBT: Virtu IPO Puts High-Frequency Trading Back In Public Spotlight

2015 Reuters: U.S. SEC proposes more oversight for high-speed traders

2015 Bloomberg: High-Frequency Traders Need a Speed Limit

2015 Forbes blog: Relax Everyone, The High Frequency Trading Problem Is Over

2015 Bloomberg: Trading on Speed: Man, Machine and the U.S. Stock Market

2015 Yahoo finance Forget 'Flash Boys': High-speed traders help small investors

2015 Bloomberg: Spoofers Tricked High-Speed Traders by Hitting Keys Fast

2015 CNBC: 'Rigged' high-frequency trading less of a concern: Poll

2014 The Atlantic: Everything You Need to Know About High-Frequency Trading

2014 (paper pdf) Information Transmission Between Financial Markets in Chicago and New York

2014 (paper berkley pdf) High-Frequency Trading and Price Discovery

2014 Bloomberg High-Speed Traders Rip Investors Off, Michael Lewis Says