Hollow fiber communication

Hollow fiber is a revolutionary technology when it comes to high speed trading. It is likely only a matter of years before hollow fiber cables will start to replace standard glass (plastic) fiber networks. This will take us from a speed limit of about 0.7c to approximately 0.997c (and higher if the air in the cable is replaced with helium 0.999965c, or even vacuum).

2015 June: Southampton team claims hollow-core fibre breakthrough Previously record for communication was 2.75 km now 11 km. And hollow fiber could reduce latency by about 30 per cent compared to standard solid-silica optical fibres. In a few years we can likely expect hollow core fibre to be used for high speed trading.

2015 March: Conference Paper: Hollow-Core Fiber for Intra Data Center Low Latency Connectivity with a Commercial 100Gb/s Interface"...demonstrated over the longest manufactured hollow-core fiber (2.75km) to date, proving the feasibility of ultra-low latency intra-data center connectivity."

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2013 Optics Express: Low-loss hollow-core fibers with improved single-modedness

2013 Wired: Brits Approach (True) Speed of Light Over Fiber Cable

2013 ExtremeTech: DARPA creates hollow-core optical fiber for faster networks, more accurate sensors